Patchwork Woven Mudcloth

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This bolt of 100% cotton is made up of various prints of the woven mudcloth from India. The squares are 6 x6 inches. The selvege is serged.

We are starting with 11.5 yards.  I haven unrolled the entire bolt but the attached pictures are  samplings of the first 2 yards of the fabric.

What to do with it?? It is already pieced so cutting out your favorite jacket pattern would be easy.  Try a tunic, tote bag, pillows, table cloth, vest or even a skirt.

Seriously, I wouldn't use it for upholstery unless the item was not going to be used.

Shipping may be adjusted for weight and size. Generally, mudcloth will be shipped in a medium flat rate container at $12.35.


$26.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)

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