Shelly Turtle Marionette pattern/kit

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$14.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Unique Spool by Roberta Dent

Fabric kit/pattern combo is $14.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Fabric kit only $11.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Pattern only,$8.00.
Cross sticks are pre-drilled and notched, $1.95.
Pellets to add weight to the feet 8 oz, $1.75


SHELLY TURTLE---An adorable baby turtle puppet for the young at heart with an even smaller stationary turtle which can be used as a pin cushion if filled with cotton or as a paper weight if filled with plastic pellets. In a matter of minutes, you can have Shelly walking across the floor with it's own unique stride. Sure to delight one and all. Shelly can be made with a wide range of fabrics including brocades, corduroys,  swede cloth or cottons.
Making Friends - Shelly Turtle and Little Bit by Roberta Dent. A sure fire winner!! Our most popular string puppet to date. 13' tall with a small turtle for a pin cushion. Look for LITTLE BIT in the Small Fry Friends pattern elsewhere in this category.

Moda Marbles are now available for Shelly.

Wholesale pricing available.

Number 1 best seller.






13 inches tall


Fabric Requirements and Supplies

SHELLY puppet
Shell and Hat....1/4 yard
Legs, Feet, Neck and Tail ....1/3 yard
Under body....1/3 yard
Eyes....2 (20mm)
Fishing line....4 yards
Dowel...3/8"x 26"    Plastic pellets....1 cup
Shell....1/8 yard
Head, legs, body and tail....1/8 yard
Eyes...2 beads
Contrasting carpet thread for toes.
Additional supplies
Fiber fill; Glue..tacky glue or glue gun; Curved needle;  matching threads; 1 1/2 feet of jute.

Minimum Order 1 units

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