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Categories/Tags Sale! Pacific Rim Miscellaneous By the Yard Animal Prints Fabrics ~ red ~ palm trees ~ Kings Road ~ India ~ elephant ~ cotton ~ blue

Kings Road


Only #267 and 266 remain.
Three prints in the series.

Content and size:
100% cotton, 44 inches wide

$9.00 $7.00 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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African Print #503

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Categories/Tags By the Yard African Fabrics Fabrics ~ ethnic ~ orange ~ flower ~ leopard ~ leaf ~ eland ~ elephant ~ black ~ green ~ red ~ stripe ~ African fabric

Supreme Bazin fabric.

This fabric is so pretty with tiny to about 1/16 gold dots throughout giving it glitter and shimmer.  The large circle is 7.5 inches across. Click on the little picture with the dot on the left for a larger section of fabric.

Machine wash or hand wash with mild detergent. Wash separately, no bleach, no dry cleaning. Press on reverse with cool iron.

The crayons in the last picture are pretty much an accurate representation of the colors in the fabric. Since all monitors "read" color differently, we are testing this method for color. These came from the 120 color box.


$9.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)

4.00 units in stock. Save

Savanna Flair Quilt pattern #8103

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Categories/Tags Quilting Patterns ~ lion ~ giraffe ~ elephant ~ masks ~ pattern ~ animal ~ quilt

This quilt pattern has an African tribal theme with easily fusible applique.  This quilt is a great way to showcase those animal prints you have been saving!

Finished Size: 60" x 72"

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

06-8103 3

06-8103 2

$12.25 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Minimum Order 1 units

Noah Animals – stripe

Categories/Tags Sale! By the Yard Animal Prints Fabrics ~ zebra ~ turtle ~ stripe ~ noah ~ monkey ~ lion ~ Hoffman ~ hippos ~ elephant


There are elephants, kangaroos, turtles, monkeys, hippos, zebra, flamingo, lion, crocs, ostrich, chickens, deer, camel, tiger, goats, mice, birds, frogs, snakes,, snails, flying things.
We also have the same print with a tan background out of flannel.

44 inches wide, 100% cotton

$9.00 $4.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)

2.33 units in stock. Save

Jungle Friends #270

Categories/Tags By the Yard Animal Prints Fabrics Sale! ~ stripe ~ purple ~ monkey ~ elephant ~ blank quilting ~ bird ~ alligator
$9.50 $4.00 (Excl. Sales Tax)

6.00 units in stock. Save

Manufacturer: Blank Quilting
Content and size: 100% cotton 44 inches wide
Notes: Repeat is 24 inches.

Jungle Friends

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Jungle Friends #272

Categories/Tags Fabrics By the Yard Animal Prints Sale! ~ monkey ~ giraffe ~ elephant ~ cotton ~ blank quilting ~ alligator
$9.50 $4.00 (Excl. Sales Tax)

4.75 units in stock. Save

Manufacturer: Blank Quilting
Content and size: 100% cotton 44 inches wide
Notes: For reference, the elephant is 2 x 1.5 inches

Jungle Friends

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Elephant, little

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Categories/Tags Animals and Dolls Gifts ~ toy ~ African ~ animal ~ elephant

Cute little, shiny elephants filled with poly pellets and fiberfill.

#1 Blue is OUT OF STOCK

#2 Rainbow

$4.95 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Minimum Order 1 units

Jumbo Joey pattern and kit

Categories/Tags Miscellaneous Puppets Dolls Patterns ~ doll ~ toy ~ puppet ~ marionette ~ elephant
$15.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)
Make a Marionette Puppet: Parts * Order one item at a time.
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Unique Spool by Roberta Dent

Fabric kit minus pattern is $12.50. Does not include stick or pellets or fiberfill.
Pattern is $8.00.
Dowels, pre-drilled and notched, $1.95.
Pellets to add weight to the feet 8 oz, $1.75
Kit/pattern combo, $15.50. A savings of $5.00 from ordering them separately. Does not include sticks or pellets or fiberfill.


JUMBO JOEY---Create a new friend!!! Bring a circus elephant to life in your own home.  Become a "pro" in a matter of minutes.  Sure to delight young and old and the rest of us who are in-between. Jumbo Joey sports a beaded head scarf, great tusks and even a mouth. His trunk is curled up for good luck.
Jumbo Joey is a delightful marionette with big round feet. He has large
floppyears, tusks and a head dress fringed with beads.

Fabrics will vary from shown.






Save buy getting the kit and pattern!!

Fabric Requirements and Supplies

Main fabric....5/8 yard - head, body, ears  and feet
Second  fabric...1/4 yard - neck, ears, tail, feet and legs
Thin batting.....12"x8" - ears
Beads or Trim.....25" - around head scarf
Black crochet cotton...4 yards
Felt...4"x8" - bottom of feet
Fishing line....5 yards  10# weight
Jute...18" two or three ply - tieing cross bars together
Dowel...3/8" x 26" long - cross bar
Plastic pellets for feet weights....1/2 cup
Fiber fill
Glue..E6000 or similar
Eyes....2 (20mm)  eyes

Minimum Order 1 units

Perfect Safari – Heads #134

Baby Elephants #205

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