Sweet Dreams #466

Categories/Tags Miscellaneous Animal Prints Fabrics

Sweet Dreams series by Quilting Treasures.

Cute little guys cuddled with a parent.

44 wide, 100% cotton


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Hide and Seek #462, DINOSAUR TRAIN

Categories/Tags Miscellaneous Animal Prints Fabrics ~ novelty ~ fabric ~ cotton ~ kids ~ dinosaur

Adorable dinosaurs are here!! Hide and Seek is a line from Quilting Treasures.

The little orange guy is about 3 inches tall.

44" wide, 100% cotton.

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Big Cats – leopard strip #375

Categories/Tags Animal Prints Fabrics ~ South Seas Imports ~ leopard ~ jaguar ~ cat ~ animal ~ africa
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Manufacturer: South Seas Imports
Description: Big Cats collection.
content and size: 44 wide 100% cotton
Notes: Repeat is 24 inches



Big Cats

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Mayan Design #263

Categories/Tags Miscellaneous Fabrics ~ black ~ diamond ~ cotton ~ Blank Quilting

Blank Quilting

The black diamond design is 1.25 inches tall.

100% cotton, 44 inches wide

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Flannel Zebra

Categories/Tags Flannel Animal Prints Fabrics ~ zebra ~ flannel ~ Diamond Textiles ~ cotton

Diamond Textiles

Content and size:
44 inches wide, 100% cotton flannel

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Flannel brown on white #1013

Categories/Tags Flannel Animal Prints Fabrics ~ diamond textiles ~ white ~ brown ~ cotton ~ flannel

Diamond Textiles

100% cotton, 44 wide.

Wouldn't Dilly Dog puppet look good made with this fabric, then make matching jammies. What fun for a birthday and/or Christmas.

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Flannel Solids

Categories/Tags Solids Flannel Fabrics ~ brown ~ white ~ camel ~ black ~ solids ~ Marcus Brothers ~ flannel ~ cotton ~ 44

Marcus Brothers and Diamond Textiles

These three are as soft as butter. Hard to tell the right from the wrong side. Mix and match with the animal flannels in Frilly Endings quilt. Use a solid for the entire back of the quilt.

44 inches wide, 100% cotton flannel


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Cuddle Fabric Zebra

  • 03-02-07-scaled-e1628536684207-jpg
  • 03-02-7-3-scaled-e1628536655484-jpg

Categories/Tags Fleece and Fur Animal Prints Fabrics

Shannon Fabrics

This extremely soft and cuddly fabric has a smooth minky surface,3mm pile. Use to make a quick, easy lap throw. Mix with the other Cuddle Fabrics in simple blocks for throw top, one piece for back, no batting, no quilting, no tying.Hints on how to sew with this fabric: TIPS

58/60 wide

Notes: 100% polyester, machine wash and dry.

Click on the picture below the fabric for a sample of pj bottoms. I like to wear these plus a short robe jacket in place of a long/short robe during the colder months. Just slip them over your sleeping jammies. The sample features the mocha Fancy Puma Cuddle color.

$13.50 $7.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Lion Fleece Panel

  • lion-5-scaled-e1628029824257-jpg
  • lion-4-scaled-e1628029759378-jpg
  • lion-3-scaled-e1628029716151-jpg
  • lion-2-scaled-e1628029676407-jpg

Categories/Tags Fleece and Fur Animal Prints Fabrics ~ poly ~ lion ~ Baum Textiles

Baum Textiles

Big enough for a lap quilt, couch throw, stadium blanket. The picture is the entire panel.

48x60 inches, Polyester

Full design on the reverse side, same as front.

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Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico

Categories/Tags Books ~ motifs ~ mexico

Manufacturer: Dover
Description: Hundreds of symbols and designs, reproduced from the Aztec, Maya, Zapotec, and other early cultures, depict a host of striking images: plumed serpents, animals, flowers, demons, the human head, and other figures. Royalty-free motifs for artists, commercial designers, craft-workers, and hobbyists. 503 black-and-white designs.
Dimensions: 8 1/4 x 11
Notes: CD-ROM and 48 page book

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