Lucy Ladybug kits and pattern

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$14.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Unique Spool by Roberta Dent


Fabric kit/pattern combo, $14.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Fabric kit only, $11.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Pattern only,$8.00.
2 dowels, pre-drilled and notched, $1.95.
Pellets to add weight to the feet 8 oz, $1.75

LUCY LADYBUG---Just in time for the "child in all of us"!  A beetle bug with a swing in her step, a bounce to her head.  Become a "pro" in a matter of minutes. Sure to delight one and all. Using  cotton fabric and fake furs, you can create the latest in animated creatures. Go wild with your choice of colors for a very unsusal beetle!!!

Making Friends - Lucy Ladybug by Roberta Dent. A string puppet all decked out in spots. Antenna wobble as she walks. A delight for all. Fabric kit includes fur, pompoms, pipe cleaner, fabric, eyes and line. We have her in  lime green.

We have a flannel you can also use for the body. Smaller spots but she will be just as cute! Make matching jammies for the puppet master.

15 inches tall





Fabric Requirements and Supplies

Under body, legs, neck, under shell and feet....1/2 yard cotton
Shell top and toe pompoms...1/4 yard fake fur
Fishing Line...5 yards 10# Weight
Eyes...2 (20mm)
Pipe cleaners...2
Pompoms...2 (1")
Additional supplies
Fiber fill; Glue..tacky glue or glue gun; Curved needle;  matching threads.

Minimum Order 1 units

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