November 9, 2014

newswletter 2014November 09, 2014 – November 30, 2014

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Gift Ideas

Stocking stuffers, secret pal ideas, projects for Christmas gifts, ornaments and more. These are only a few things you just might be interested in this Season. All items on the site are eligible for this sale, not just what is spot lighted below.

The camels are a great addition to your Nativity Scene. Reindeer with red ribbon reins, tiny bells; add a sleigh and you have yourself a dandy decoration for the mantel.


We are having a progressive discount sale in November. Limited to stock on hand. This is how it works.


And lastly, November 30th, one day only, 40% sale, coupon code is 40.

Three new patterns located below of this NewsLetter!!!

Ginger Snaps pattern #8840

Ginger Snaps pattern #8840

Overstuffed Doll Chair pattern


Swing & Long Swing Vest pattern

Swing & Long Swing Vest pattern









Purple Doll

Purple Doll

Crazyi Cats pattern


Rudy Reindeer pattern

Rudy Reindeer pattern








Leather camels

Leather Camels

Reindeer, Leather

Reindeer, Leather

Zebra Ornament

Zebra Ornament








Whispering Cats #81

Whispering Cats #81

Antique India Necklace

Antique India Necklace

Beaded shawl/scarf

Beaded shawl/scarf









Tassel Bracelet


Crystal Beaded Rings

African Figures

African Figures









Little red cat

Geraldine Giraffe pattern

Bargello Christmas Tree Skirt pattern









Gold Fish




Sitting Elephants







And The Stocking Was Hung pattern.

Darling cat pin is 1-1/2 inches tall.

Darling cat pin


African Dolls










Kitten beads


Kenya Necklace


Rhinestone Applicator


Giraffe Napkin Holders










Turtle Charm


African Beaded Bracelet









monkey earrings2

Purple Monkey Earrings


Hillary Ostrich Pattern









Pig Figurine


Quick YoYo Maker










Dragon, Green


Dragon, Blue


Wild Thing Picture Frame


Chinese Coin Purse








His & Hers Hobby Horse pattern

His & Hers Hobby Horse pattern










Expressions of Joy pattern

Expressions of Joy pattern

Baby Boy pattern

Baby Boy patter

Baby Girl pattern

Baby Girl pattern

5 Way Wrap pattern

5 Way Wrap pattern









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Roberta Dent


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