Frilly Endings pattern

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Unique Spool by Roberta Dent

Fun, fun, fun and easy, easy, easy. Clipped edges, no binding,
no pre-washing just soft flannel blocks. The smaller size takes a
total of about 10.5 yards of flannel plus batting. Animal skin
flannel and the kits can be seen at FABRICS-FLANNEL. Of
course this would be wonderful in plaids and florals as well.

SIZE  56x56
TOP:             1/2 yd each (8prints) = 4yards
BORDER:        1 1/8yd mixed prints
BACKING:         5 1/8yd mixed prints or one fabric
BATTING:        49x85 low loft                    Option: In place of batting, use 5 1/8 yds  of flannel

SIZE   63x84
TOP:            3/4 yard each (10 prints) = 7 1/2 yards
BORDER:        1 5/8yd mix prints
BACKING:        9 5/8yd mixed prints or one fabric
BATTING:        64x84    low loft
In place of batting, use another layer of flannel         9 5/8yd

56x56 and 63x84

Notes: Wholesale pricing available.

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