Village Woman pattern #2090

Categories/Tags Quilting Patterns ~ ethnic ~ wall hanging ~ quilting ~ pattern ~ Africa

VILLAGE WOMAN---A wall hanging featuring a woman, her child on her back and decorated baskets. She is a proud  woman, busily going about her morning tasks.   Baskets are a necessity  in her everyday life. She has decorated these baskets  with bits of jute, beads and strips of fabric.

Skin Tone Fabric...1/8 yard
Dress and Head Scarf...1/4 yard (or fat quarter)
Baby Carrier...1/8 yard
Apron...1/8 yard
Background Fabric...7/8 yard
Baskets...3 different prints...1/8 yard each
Inside border...1/8 yard
Outside border...3/4 yard
Binding...1/3 yard
Backing...1 yard
Batting....30 x 36
Embroidery floss for child's hair. Beads of varying sizes for earrings, skirt tassels and basket decorations, as well  as pieces of jute,  strips of fabric and gold thread for an arm band.

$8.50 $4.25 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Minimum Order 1 units

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