Dreamtime Dances pattern #7703

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In mime and dance, these natural actors and dancers perform their ritual accompanied by the didgeridu player who exhales through vibrating lips, mouthing words into the long tube.

M & S Textiles. By Anne Slater

35x32 inches finished

Fabric requirements: Included are the "names" of the prints used. Of course you may use other prints.

Center- 30" Broiga Life, natural
Inside border - 12" Onion Dreaming, natural
Outside border - 16" Spirit People, brown
Applique dancers - 12" Spirit People, charcoal
Corolla around dancer's fabric - 20" Bush Banana
Binding and backing -54" Spirit People, bown
Fusible web - 12"

$8.50 $3.25 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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