Brian Lion Marionette pattern and kit

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$14.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Fabric kit/pattern combo is $14.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Fabric kit minus pattern is $11.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Pattern is $8.00.
Dowels, pre-drilled and notched, $1.95.
Pellets to add weight to the feet 8 oz, $1.75
Brian Lion fabric also available (mottled gold #450).

Brian--This king of the jungle is a kitty cat at heart.  Yarn for both mane and tail, jowls and a pink tongue make this one of the  friendlier King of  Beasts. Sure to delight your big game hunter with hours of play. Easy to manipulate--young and old alike will have little trouble helping BRIAN strut his stuff . The King of the Jungle featuring yarn mane and tail. With only four strings, he is easy to walk. The pattern is full size and includes a supply list for fabrics as well as eye size, yarn, line, dowel lengths and fiberfill.


Brian is 21 inches tall from paws to head.



Fabric Requirements and Supplies

Neck, Legs, Nose and Inner Ears....1/4 yard
Body, Head and Paws...1/2 yard
Mane and Tail...30 yards of yarn
Felt for eyes....yellow and white - 5"x5" each
Additional supplies
Fishing line....5 yards
Dowel...3/8" x 26" long - for cross bar
Feet Weights...washers, kitty litter, gravel or  plastic pellets
Fiber fill...partial bag
Glue...glue gun or tacky glue
Eyes...2 moveable eyes, 20mm

Minimum Order 1 units
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