Stretch Calico Cat – wood

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Need a place for your rings? This is it. A little cat with a very long tail.
The cat is about 3 inches long and 2-1/2 inches tall with a 4 inch tail.
Hand carved and painted from Indonesia.

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Grandma and Me pattern

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Unique Spool


Grandma and Me---Grandma and baby are enjoying each other for the day. This is an applique pattern using your favorite technique whether it is by hand or using fusible web and/or your sewing machine. I am assuming you have some skill to start with.
Pattern includes instruction and full size templates. Outside border is 3-1/5
inches wide. You may hand applique or use a fusible web for a quick project.

26 x 37-1/2 inches finished


Skin Tone Fabric...7x11 inches            Pocket lace...4 inches
Dress...10x12 inches                Valance... 12 inches lace
Apron...6x10 inches                        Cat...5x5 inches
Baby jammies...5x7 inches            Shoes...5x5 inches
Hair...5x6 grandmas and 3x3 baby
Rug...Three colors: 4x23, 5x14,  3x8
Blocks...2 colors each for three blocks
Window sill...10x10 inches           Sky...10x10
Background Fabric...3/4 yard           Backing...1 yard
Inside border...1/4 yard             Outside border...1/2 yard
Binding...1/2 yard                  Batting....28x38 inches Contrasting thread for letters
Fusible web...1 1/2 yards-optional
Matching thread for applique.

Notes: Wholesale pricing available.

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Whiskers the Cat Marionette (Puppet) Pattern/Kit

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$14.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)
Make a Marionette Puppet: Parts * Order one item at a time.
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Fabric kit/pattern combo, $14.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Fabric kit only, $11.50. Does not include dowels or pellets or fiberfill.
Pattern only,$8.00.
2 dowels, pre-drilled and notched, $1.95.
Pellets to add weight to the feet 8 oz, $1.75
Look for animal skin alternatives in the Animal Prints category

WHISKERS--Take a special kitty home. Whiskers is our frisky cat who thinks he's a great mouser. Make him in colors of a siamese  with  plush felt as in the photo or sytle  him after a favorite pet. Either way your'll love him. The small mouse can be used for a pin cushion or a small childs toy when WHISKERS is not playing with it.

The pattern includes the mouse in the foreground of the photo. The mouse make a really cut pin cushion or small stuffed toy. The
fabrics used for Whiskers are plush felts. He is quick and easy to put together. Be sure to check out the fabric kit and the sticks so you
will be set to sew or use your own fabrics.

With only four strings, he is easy to walk, The pattern is full size and includes a supply list for fabrics as well as eye size, line, dowel lengths and fiberfill.

The fabric kit includes  body, neck, feet, head and leg fabric, eyes and line. You will still need some fiberfill, dowels and weights for the feet (suggestions are in the pattern), glue for the eyes and of course, general sewing items (scissors, needle, threads, sewing machine, tape measure).

Look for MOUSE in the Small Fry Friends pattern elsewhere in this category.

Whiskers is 15 inches tall.



Fabric Requirements and Supplies


Head, Body and Feet....1/3 yard
Legs, Neck, Tail. Ears, Nose and Paw Pads.....1/3 yard

Fabric.....1/4 yard
Additional supplies
Fishing line....5 yards
Carpet thread for whiskers.....3 yards
Dowel...3/8" x 26" long - for cross bar
Feet Weights...washers, kitty litter, gravel, plastic pellets or fish gravel
Fiber fill
Glue...glue gun or tacky glue
Eyes...2 moveable eyes, 20mm

Minimum Order 1 units

Sitting cats

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Sitting kittens have a hole on the bottom and out their heads. Each is double sided making it great for earrings and bracelets. These are glass beads.

Dragon Art Inc.

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