Boogie Marionette pattern

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Unique Spool by Roberta Dent

Fabric kit is no longer available.

Dowels, pre-drilled and notched, $1.95.
Pellets to add weight to the feet 8 oz, $1.75


BOOGIE---Create a new friend!!!  Not quite a cat, not quite a bird. This little guy can boogie with just a twist of the arm. Become a "pro in a matter of minutes. Sure to delight young and old and the rest of us who are in-between. Using fake fur, cotton fabric and some felt, you can create an enjoyable "pal".
Make him as crazy and as far as your imagination will take you.

The fabric kit includes  body, neck, feet, head and leg fabric, yarn eyes and line. You will still need some fiberfill, dowels and weights for the feet (suggestions are in the pattern), glue for the eyes and of course, general sewing items (scissors, needle, threads, sewing machine, tape measure).

Wholesale pricing available. Popular with 9 year old boys.









30 inches tall

Fabric Requirements and Supplies

Fabric for two print puppet
Fake fur....1/3 yard - head, body, ears, tail and feet
Plain fabric...2/3 yard - head, neck, ears and legs

Fabric for  one print puppet
Fake fur....1 yard

Additional supplies for both
Fishing line....5 yards  10# weight
Jute...20" two or three ply - whiskers
Dowel...3/8" x 26" long - cross bar
Plastic pellets for feet weights
Felt, dark brown, blue for  eyes
Fiber fill..
Glue..E6000 or similar
Black yarn...1 yard for toes
Eyes....2 (20mm)  eyes

Minimum Order 1 units

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