Dreamtime Dances pattern #7703

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In mime and dance, these natural actors and dancers perform their ritual accompanied by the didgeridu player who exhales through vibrating lips, mouthing words into the long tube.

M & S Textiles. By Anne Slater

35x32 inches finished

Fabric requirements: Included are the "names" of the prints used. Of course you may use other prints.

Center- 30" Broiga Life, natural
Inside border - 12" Onion Dreaming, natural
Outside border - 16" Spirit People, brown
Applique dancers - 12" Spirit People, charcoal
Corolla around dancer's fabric - 20" Bush Banana
Binding and backing -54" Spirit People, bown
Fusible web - 12"

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Grandma and Me pattern

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Unique Spool


Grandma and Me---Grandma and baby are enjoying each other for the day. This is an applique pattern using your favorite technique whether it is by hand or using fusible web and/or your sewing machine. I am assuming you have some skill to start with.
Pattern includes instruction and full size templates. Outside border is 3-1/5
inches wide. You may hand applique or use a fusible web for a quick project.

26 x 37-1/2 inches finished


Skin Tone Fabric...7x11 inches            Pocket lace...4 inches
Dress...10x12 inches                Valance... 12 inches lace
Apron...6x10 inches                        Cat...5x5 inches
Baby jammies...5x7 inches            Shoes...5x5 inches
Hair...5x6 grandmas and 3x3 baby
Rug...Three colors: 4x23, 5x14,  3x8
Blocks...2 colors each for three blocks
Window sill...10x10 inches           Sky...10x10
Background Fabric...3/4 yard           Backing...1 yard
Inside border...1/4 yard             Outside border...1/2 yard
Binding...1/2 yard                  Batting....28x38 inches Contrasting thread for letters
Fusible web...1 1/2 yards-optional
Matching thread for applique.

Notes: Wholesale pricing available.

$8.50 $4.25 (Excl. Sales Tax)
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Minimum Order 1 units
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