African Print #499

African Print #503

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Categories/Tags By the Yard African Fabrics Fabrics ~ ethnic ~ orange ~ flower ~ leopard ~ leaf ~ eland ~ elephant ~ black ~ green ~ red ~ stripe ~ African fabric

Supreme Bazin fabric.

This fabric is so pretty with tiny to about 1/16 gold dots throughout giving it glitter and shimmer.  The large circle is 7.5 inches across. Click on the little picture with the dot on the left for a larger section of fabric.

Machine wash or hand wash with mild detergent. Wash separately, no bleach, no dry cleaning. Press on reverse with cool iron.

The crayons in the last picture are pretty much an accurate representation of the colors in the fabric. Since all monitors "read" color differently, we are testing this method for color. These came from the 120 color box.


$9.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)

4.00 units in stock. Save

Orange or Green #3207

Categories/Tags Sale! Solids Miscellaneous By the Yard Fabrics ~ sale ~ cotton ~ orange ~ Andover

Andover Fabrics

Gold specks are a little under 1/8th inch.

100% cotton, 44 inches wide
Brown is OUT OF STOCK .

$6.00 (Excl. Sales Tax)
Color *


African Print #7

Categories/Tags By the Yard African Fabrics Fabrics ~ red ~ plaid ~ orange ~ kente ~ green ~ cotton ~ african

Connect with the culture and style of Africa
Nothing captures the vibrant African vibe quite like Kente cloth. The history of African Kente cloth goes back to the 12th century, when these colorful fabrics were worn by African royalty. The name Kente comes from the word "kenten" (basket), because of the cloth's resemblance to a basket-woven design. Each Kente pattern is distinct and has its own special meaning. Many people around the globe are proudly wearing Kente cloth today to show their unique sense of fashion and their connection to the motherland. In addition to clothing, Kente cloth prints can be used to create crafts, decorations, throw rugs, table cloths, etc.

Kente 7 fat quarter BUNDLES available, $16.50

Fabric produced in India.45" wide.


$8.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)

5.50 units in stock. Save

Miche Classic cover Shelia

Categories/Tags Purses and Clothing Wearable Purses and Bags Patterns Jewelry Gifts ~ orange ~ shelia ~ classic ~ cover ~ bag ~ Miche

Miche Classic cover, Shelia. Gently used and retired.

You will need a Miche bag, classic, for the cover.

Ships in a Priority Medium Box, $12.50, so fill her up!!!

$21.50 $13.50 (Excl. Sales Tax)
How many ?
1.00 units in stock. Save

SOLD African 6 inch doll

Whales and Tails #99

African Print #292

Batik Feet #17

Pillow cover #307

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