Market Day pattern

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Unique Spool by Roberta Dent


Market Day---Applique either by hand or using fusible web with a finishing satin stitch. They are either going to market with the breads they have baked or perhaps returning from the days shopping with baskets of bread for their evening meal.
An applique pattern you can do either by hand using your favorite applique technique or using a fusible web.

27x34 inches


Skin Tone Fabric...1/8 yard
Dresses...1/8 yard each main dress color
Baby Carrier...6x6 inches
Background Fabric...2/3 yard
Scraps for: head scarfs, bracelets, necklaces,bread, basket handles, basket rims,  dress hems, blouse cuffs
Baskets...10x10 inches
Inside border...1/4 yard
Outside border...2/3 yard
Binding...1/3 yard
Backing...1 yard
Batting....30 x 36
Embroidery floss for baby's hair and accents on dresses, scarf and baby tote as well as the bread in the baskets. Beads of varying sizes for earrings and bracelets.

Notes: Wholesale pricing available.

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Adwasi Zulu woven panel

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Manufacturer: Lodaat
Description: Handwoven in India with an African motif. Each panel is 30x24 inches. I only have this in black and white.
Dimensions: 30x24 inches, cotton
Notes: Second from left is 16.5 inches from top of hair to toe.

Shipping maybe adjusted as to weight and what cannot be squished into a Priority envelope.

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Adwasi Zulu woven panel

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