Paper Piecing, Pine Tree pattern #2315

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Pine Tree

You can be very accurate with these patterns. Sew directly on the paper, following the numbers on the patterns. If the blocks are too small or too large, just take them down to your friendly neighborhood print shop to enlarge or shrink them.

I have two varieties to choose from:

As show is Tree #1. There are 4 different trees with 3 copies each.

Tree #2 (not shown) is the same size but the 4 different trees in this packet are different than in Tree #1. Again there are 3 each of the 4 patterns.

The big difference in these: Tree #1, the background piecing varies. Tree #2, the tree itself has various piecing.

Both are 3 inch patterns.

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Giraffe – Tree – Elephant panel

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Content and size:
20x27, cotton

Hand painted


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