3 piece woven metallic bundles #0671

Categories/Tags Miscellaneous Bundles Fabrics ~ woven ~ gold ~ purple ~ blue ~ metallic

Interesting woven swatches  with metallic threads running through them. The blue and purple have silver threads, the purple has gold threads.

Use as accent fabrics in jackets, purses, vest.

10x10 inches but actually most pieces are 12x12 and larger.

The triangle row is 1.75 inches tall.

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Adwasi Zulu woven panel

Categories/Tags Panels Mud Cloth Fabrics ~ woven ~ white ~ people ~ black ~ african

Manufacturer: Lodaat
Description: Handwoven in India with an African motif. Each panel is 30x24 inches. I only have this in black and white.
Dimensions: 30x24 inches, cotton
Notes: Second from left is 16.5 inches from top of hair to toe.

Shipping maybe adjusted as to weight and what cannot be squished into a Priority envelope.

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Mud Cloth #243

Adwasi Zulu woven panel

Stone Canyon #03

Bazaar Woven

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