Shop Samples


Please be aware, shipping may be more than the $7.00 Priority envelope. We want your purchase to arrive safely. Size and weight dictates packaging and cost.

Shop Samples run the gambit from completed quilts, needs binding or just the top. Quilts are hand quilted as well as machine quilted. Garments are finished and ready to wear.

You may have seen our samples at the various quilt shows we attended. They were patterns from other designers we carried as well as our own original designed patterns. A few of the samples are from patterns no longer available. These are all one of a kind.

Fabric include African prints, Malaysian, Bali Batiks, domestic prints. Most if not all fabrics are out of print. All are cotton. Original designs should run in the hundreds of dollars but I have them priced nicely, way below market. Hate to wave bye-bye to them but I am sure they will each find a happy home. As I no longer participate in shows, it is a shame to keep them locked away in containers, never to be enjoyed. Adopt a sample!!

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