Don’t Fence Me In pattern

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You may pick one of three sizes of quilts or do all three. It is recommended you use a rotary cutter and mat for the slicing and dicing. The pattern is suitable for the beginner as well as the more advanced quilter. Excellant results can be achieved by all. Besides using the more popular traditional prints, try  the unusual printed fabrics on today's market such as the ever increasing ethnic fabrics and the contemporary prints. The effects can be dramatic. It is recommended you do use 100% cotton for the easiest and the best results.










WALL HANGING       Twin                 KING
FINISHED SIZE                           28"X28"                 72"X84"       96"X108"
BLOCK SIZE -finished                   6"                                  12"               12"

BLOCK FABRICS: 1 light and 2 darks prints.
Each Fabric                             1/4 yd                      1-1/8 yd         2 -1/8 yd

1st  and 3rd                              5/8 yd                    2 1/4 yd        2 7/8 yd
2nd                                            1/8 yd                       2 yds               2 5/8 yds
BINDING:                                     3/8 yd                       3/4 yd          1 yd
BACKING:                                     7/8 yd                         5 yds            8 yds

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